Ratgeber: Lebensmittel optimal kennzeichnen - maximale Effizienz für Ihre Produktion

Bluhm Systeme: Codierter Schraubverschluss Olivenglas

Lean production - in the face of fierce competitive markets - is already being used by many companies to increase their competitiveness and efficiency in highly competitive markets. The "lean" principles can also be transferred to the field of product labeling. Again, valuable savings can be made, which ultimately contribute to overall equipment effectiveness .

In the guidebook "Optimal labeling of food: maximum efficiency for your production", the labeling provider Bluhm Systeme GmbH shows that the latest generation of labeling technology supports the lean manufacturing principles in many respects.

Used properly, labeling can help, for example:

  • Reduce maintenance times and frequency,
  • To avoid quality defects and rework
  • To reduce overproduction and inventory,
  • Shorten transport routes,
  • Accelerate product changes and
  • Reduce set-up times.

All technologies available for product and packaging labeling are able to support manufacturing companies in the implementation of lean production. However, the various ink jet printers and laser markers have their individual advantages depending on the application.

CIJ printers in use at Erlenbacher baked goods

Test position advisable

Given the abundance of different technologies, it is advisable to test in a test case whether the tag will also realize exactly the savings that were intended. Not only the marking device itself, but also its contribution to increasing the effectiveness of the entire production should be considered. Likewise, all devices should be checked for their total cost of ownership and the benefits they bring.

You can download the guidebook here for free .

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